No Android 10 yet and its already mid December

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I honestly don't know what Asus is thinking and doing with the ROG Phone 2 as their Asus 5z also got android 10 update as well as the 6Z also got it but this is very shameful that the ROG phone 2 is left behind where all the competition has rolled out android 10 to their flagships but Asus is sleeping somewhere.

If we can't get updates on time then what's the meaning of flagships and investment so much of money into a specific device where we have many options in competition where we feel cheated as customer that we are left behind for updates.



  • Beta should come anytime i think. But i agree, even Samsung already have Android 10.

  • What Asus Max Pro M1 and M2.. will they be getting Android 10 update

  • Maybe/maybe not (odds are likely not)

    Even if they do it'll be very late like in Q2-Q3 2020

    Btw this isn't the proper forum for max pro series,post stuff related to them on the fan chat section

  • First beta is already on the corner. Hopefully we'll get it this week

  • just to make it clear that all the phones in this segment has android 10 and moreover android 10 was released in the month of August so time may not be the issue coming to alienation of bugs and compatibility as they had enough time to do it.

  • Well every brand works in there own way, it's a software bugs will come it's not easy to develop a whole os in shorter span . If you want Android 10 with bugs ok with that then cz even if you make multiple threads of Android 10 they will release when they feel it's stable enough.

    I just wanted to make you understand but if you are comparing with other brands then I have got nothing to say any further.

    Peace out I am done here.

  • Dude.

    It's a Project Treble upgrade and the accessories are not a problem to include once you already developed everything before. It has been enough time to develop a whole phone software wise since August .

    There are literally no excuses for being this late.

  • Relax brother. They are working on it. As sated above, it's better to have a bug-free os rather than one full of them.

  • Yes. Currently, We have few or more bugs in Android 9. Let them give us bug less Android 10.

  • Amount of time spent before releasing a new Android version doesn't have a correlation with a number of bugs. Actually. The ones more than 3 months late after the release of the new Android version usually have more bugs. Also.

    PS: Android 10 Beta 3 has already been released in May. :D Great job Asus :D

  • So, the ones that release the new android versions later have more bugs. Thats sounds like a correlation to me lol...

    • Android made by Google
    • Android modified to work with ROG Phone features
    • More features and accessories, longer the wait
    • We signed up for this when we bought the device.

    Simple as that.

  • I use my ROG Phone to play games. I use the Pixel 2 XL for everything else.

    A gaming phone should value stability over anything else. Sticking with older Android versions offers the best performance. Pretty much every major Android emulator defaults to Android 5 for that reason alone.

  • Since we are on the updates topic, I would like to know policy of security updates from Asus side. One of the YouTuber stated that ROG phone 2 will get bimonthly security patches, which doesn't seem to be happening on time. Can mods clarify this?

    How long will ROG phone 2 get security updates?

    How many Android updates will it get?

    Will security updates be bimonthly or monthly?

  • Yeah rather stable update than fast buggy ones. I'll actually wait and see if ppl complaint about any bugs before let the phone update. Learned my lesson on the .44 fw. Should have stay .35

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    You didn't even read my comment, did you?

    I was asking about frequency and duration commitment of security updates.

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