How to view all files? Cannot see all.

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In my file manager I cannot see all files. Hide system file in my file manager is turned off to see all files. Am I missing something?

I installed Dejaoffice. It is installed properly. I cannot see its folder "clusb". I can see this in my old phone galaxy note 3, android 5. I wish to copy a file from old phone to ROG phone 2 in this folder to restore backup from old phone.

Search returns nil result. Windows explorer also has same behaviour.

Help please!


  • I wish I could help but there's nothing more you can do than to turn of "hide system files"

    Maybe it's not hidden but located somewhere else. Ask the developer if they have made any changes to the location?

  • Thanks Anders,

    The developer haloed and sorted out issue by moving files outside the system. Originally, it was llocated inside system. It was not spelling mistake or anything novice mistake. A file manager could only show path i search, but not access it

    I wish I could dig deeper into file system without rooting, at my own risk.

  • I totally don't understand ur problem . CAN U ELABORATE IT

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