Asus Gaming Phone 2 Desktop Dock, everything lagging.

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Desktop dock plugged into hdmi and I'm quite disappointed. My inputs seem very delayed on mkb and my controller in fortnite doesnt work if plugged into the dock. I notice lag on bluetooth as well.

This is such a cool concept and so expensive but seems terrible in terms of responsiveness after all the pieces come together.

Also game genie is a laggy disaster as well. Nothing feels fluid. Options within genie are limited, pushing multiple keys together causes my inputs to freeze up. Again for a gaming phone this thing seems like I'm playing with 56k dialup levels of input lag.

Please help?


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    How much do you estimate the lag to so I know what you're talking about? Is it 5ms lag, 50ms lag or 500?

    Does both mouse and keyboard feel equally slow? Maybe you can capture the game genie lag with our screen recorder?

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    I have the same issue with Professional dock while playing pubg mobile.

    The control via keyboard and mouse is not good at all. Seems like there is delay or slow response. While aming and try to look left and right , the movment is not accurate. Beside that moving using AW,WD,AS,SD is not proper, feels like it take the first key and then the other key but not both T the sametime. Also we cant use one key more than once.

  • I have same issue while playing call of duty mobile... the mouse cursor is laggy and abit 3sec late.. what should i do?

  • I don't feel like this is a Asus problem. I have three other Android devices and they all have really terrible input lag on mice. Bluetooth mice make it even worse.

    This is on a Nvidia SHIELD Tablet, Pixel 2XL and the ROG Phone II. They all feel very sluggish when I use a mouse. Wired or wireless makes no difference.

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