5z errores, problems

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Hi, I updated my Zenfone 5Z via fota and the problems started. First, once the phone was restarted after the update, it was not able to start and restarted a couple of times, until it gave me the option to try again or format, after several attempts I had to choose to format and lost all the My device information, including court evidence.

Finally the system started, however, I have several problems.

When I activate mobile data it doesn't work immediately, I have to turn it on and off again until it works.

I can't download with mobile data, I can't download files from the mail, I can't download files from the browser and I can't download applications, all this with mobile data.

Another problem that I have appreciated, when I try to change the background image of the screen, and I accept, the phone restarts, and I return to the initial problem, where I must format to be able to start the system correctly.

I hope someone can help me, I'm desperate, it's a very good phone, but unfortunately since the change of operating system, these failures have appeared.

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