Asus Plz kindly provide device personalization services

Abhi VarmsAbhi Varms Level 2
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Hey Asus,

Plz provide device personalization services as they are one of the core features of android 10 that provides

Live Caption, which automatically captions media playing on your Pixel.

• Screen Attention, which prevents the screen from turning off if you are looking at it, without having to touch it.

• Improved Copy and Paste that makes it easier to move text from one app to another.

• App Predictions in the launcher, which suggest the app you may need next.

• Smart Actions in Notifications, which adds action buttons to notifications which let you see directions to a place, track a package, add a contact and more.

• Smart Text Selection across the system, which makes it easier to select and act on text; for instance, you can long-click on an address to select it and tap to see directions to it.

• Linkifying of text in apps.

Even devices like mi a3 have this

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