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Hi guys from ASUS

In the upgrade (from Pie to 10 for Asus Zenfone 6) log it says "Support Google Play System update". Can you please explain what exactly this mean and how it works. It depends on Google or Asus?

I also want to know, the politics of Asus about security updates in Android 10 (Is this managed by Asus or Google, will be on month bases, two month,...).

Thank you


  • Hi

    The easiest explanation about Google Play System Updates is here:

    This functionality is rolled out by Google .

    "Security Patches" (as you are used to) are rolled out by ASUS, baked into the firmware. They are not replacing each other.

    Generally we have supported security patches for a minimum of 2yrs from launch, and security patches are aimed at a bi-monthly schedule - schedules however are floating and every now and then it can look a little bit different.

  • @andrej.zivec

    You can check your updates here: Settings / Security & lock screen

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