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My phone got stuck suddenly while using whatsapp then it remained just like that for 45 minutes. I pressed the power button and all the buttons no use.I called to my number from another phone it was ringing but I couldn't see any call alert. Finally after 45 minutes it was in the recovery mode and showed a message like "couldn't restart android system" .i clicked on the try again option it worked after so much of tensions and struggle my phone started working .

I am afraid to use the phone now ,can anyone tell me what might have triggered the issue?


  • If this happens again, I recommend contacting your local ASUS service center. I can't imagine that Whatsapp would have frozen your phone for 45 minutes.

    If you can, I also recommend backing up all your data now in the event that this happens again.

  • I am not sure what triggered this issue but again this shouldn't have happened

  • I assume that the battery had enough charge?

  • Once I tried installing Samsung Dex in my phone and I found that there was tile that could be viewed in notifications, as I just dragged and dropped it, my phone was suffering to wake, it was trying to restart several time and finally it asked me to reset. And got rid off that trouble??. This was just for additional information, don't ever try it??

  • I haven't installed anything new and it had 80 percentage of battery my phone was stuck while using the whats app and only i can see the last chat i opened nothing else .finally the device told me android system cannot restart please format or try again.I clicked on the try again option then phone restarted luckily

  • Wow... What a assumption? Great question, go ahead. Ask him more

  • Yah phone during these tough times or during unusual behavior it restarts, and if after restart theres no change in it's behavior it will ask you to hard reset. So there's no need to worry about your phone. But your case is really unusual, better you backup your phone weekly once atleast.

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