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Good afternoon everyone,

I just bought the asus rog mobile dock, the last one realeased for rog 2 and when i try to connect it to my notebook I get this error on my screen. Bascially i connected a displayport->minidisplayport cable and the micro usb b. All thelights are on on the dock and the phone is being recognized as an external storage on my computer. I already tried to use it with an hdmi cable on the output port on the tv and works perfectly. Thanksin advance


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    Can you please take a picture of your setup so I fully understand how you intend to connect everything and to what?

    Or that you say, I connect this cable from the port on this device to the port on this device and so on. I need much more details because it's quite easy to connect it wrong. A picture will say more than a thousand words if you want to make it easy for yourself

    And please also specify what computer and monitor you're using

  • I was trying to connect it to my notebook with a display port cable. Dock mini display - > notebook display port. But it doesn't matter, the Asus monitor is on it's way ? I just have a problem with the perspective control on cod, basically the mouse stops moving. It works like for 10 seconds and the it stops, it's in a loop this way.

  • Yeah, that's not gonna work. You need an external monitor, sorry :)

    Can you make a video of your latest issue using the screen recorder?

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