My Asus ROG phone 2, doesn't run Balck desert mobile at max FPS

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i have the tencent version , ram 12 and 512 gb storage , im runnig Anfroid 9, other simpler devices are running it at max setting , please fix or some let me know what to do to fix it, other simpler devices are running it at max setting


  • global version ok

  • My is global too and settings locked a 30 fps too

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    We're currently investigating why some ROG Phone II can play this at maximum settings and other can not. We use different model names within ROG Phone II depending on if it's a Tencent, Strix, Elite, Ultimate edition so it's likely that the developer whitelisted one of these models. We'll have to see. If this is the case, then we can ask them to add our other model names too.

  • I will check. Last thing I heard was that we would push the app developer but I will ask again. You're also welcome to write a review at play store. A lot of app developers are active there and some might care more about their users than when a phone manufacturer asks them

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