New bug in my phone

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  • This is on Android 10? We would probably need to log your phone to see what's going on, I've never seen this error before.

    Have you factory reset your device recently?

  • I have done this 3-4 times for smart key error for thus bug for freezing apps now it is ok after last reset.... Bt sometime apps crashes and chrome and youtube freezes

  • So the half screen bug is resolved? Chrome freezing is a Google error that will hopefully be patched soon.

  • When you talk about Chrome freezing, do you really mean a complete freezing of the application, or is it the familiar barely perceptible micro stalling?

  • Means when im surfing pages it gets stucks for sometimes and nothing works for that time period on chrome

  • Yes its gone bt why im getting so many bug every few days?

  • I use Chrome very often, but I've never seen anything like it.

  • When I read this forum, I often ask myself the opposite question, why I don't have these errors, even though I didn't even do a factory reset.

  • Because you are a born genius. And moreover, want to show up and protrude everywhere that you have and you only have solution for everything, even you have, can't admit.

    Because you are genius.

  • I dont knw this is my first and last asus phone .never going to recommend or buy it once again. Regrating the decision of mine to buy it over oneplus.i was oneplus user for 3 years.never faced any issue and service was also great and time to time update..few days back my friend who use 7t oneplus got December security patch bt we are still stuck on every tym we get update we get new bug also and asked to reset thats very bad thing for example from last update i got smart key eror bug.list goes me if this company goes like this...they are not going to make far in mobile market.i am still not sure my phones motherboard is fine or not.

  • @aditya.a.s.singh.18

    I understand you, that would upset everyone, including me.

    The ZF6 is my first Asus phone too, but it's not my first Asus product. I have experience with Asus old eee PC's, mini PC, laptop, Android tablets Nexus 7 & Nexus 7 (2013) and everything is still functional today but morally obsolete. I never had any hardware problem or service repair, this is not quite common with electronics and computers in general.

    I have experience with phones Sony, Nokia, Samsung Galaxy and Note, Motorola, LG, Nexus, and Xiaomi. For me Asus ZenFone 6 does not deviate from the point of view of problems. On the contrary, I am very satisfied with it and it is my best smartphone ever to use.

    I am almost afraid to write it here so that someone does not attack me again, it is also stable as a rock, it has never restarted spontaneously. I can't say the same about any previous Android phones that have spontaneously restarted from time to time, I remember the LG G Flex 2 that like a lot to restart in my pocket :)

    I attributed it to the Android versions of that time, which was undergoing turbulent development, so it's possible that Android 9 and 10 are already tuned so much that spontaneous reboots caused by software are absolutely exceptional.

    And then you read here day after day about big problems of users in India whose ZF6 for example reboots after every call (!), who constantly have various problems here and there after A10 update. I still wonder what the key to this difference in phone behavior in different markets is.

  • Cant say anything you are the first person who is so positive about this phone.motherboard issue ,flip camera issue,low call volume ,worst dolby sound,buggy ui and many more their are many issues and these all issues can be confirmed by any mod.some issues are cannot be solved like low volume due to placement in flip camera.this is not a cheap phone so why should i compromise and now if i want to visit service center they want it to send it to head branch which will take around 15 to 30 days how im gonna survive without phone.

  • you are the first person who is so positive

    Not at all, I'm not the first. Many people praised the phone here, but of course they are in the minority. Quite exceptionally, they start their own thread and when they contribute to another, often they are silenced that they do not speak to the point, that only a specific error is discussed and no one cares that someone else does not have the error. Remember that many questions are repeated over and over again in new topics, because few people read previous posts, few follow up on an existing topic, so there seems to be a lot of bug for a newbie.

    motherboard issue

    It has been repeatedly said that this error only affected a totally negligible fraction of users. It's obviously sad, but it happens to other brands as well. In the family, two LG G Flex 2 died just after the warranty expired, the Nexus 5X also suffers from it, ...

    flip camera issue,low call volume ,worst dolby sound

    Flip Camera has its pros and cons of course, but many users with this design have no serious problems and appreciate its advantages, others exactly the opposite.

    buggy ui

    ??? I do not count Google errors, they will be in every other phone with pure Android and those from Asus, there are not many and were described here, but basically nothing serious compared to other brands.

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    @aditya.a.s.singh.18 One plus has started rolling updates on 13 Dec and it contains November security patch only. In some time we will also be getting the security patch and some improvements. Don't just claim anything before checking facts.

    Also i too had the motherboard problem and gave the device to service center, and they replaced in 5 days. I know it feels frustrating having problems in your newly bought phone, but believe me it will get better. Asus is working on patches and improvements, although slowly but working. We got the HD streaming in prime. We got Android 10. Camera quality should be improving in upcoming updates. Just be patient.

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