Material for Lens cover?

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I've been searching for information on ROG Phone 2's camera lens cover. But it seems like a topic that no one has bother to mention.

Although most people just assume that most modern phones use Sapphire for the lens cover. But ROG Phone 2 specification never mention about this, while other phones do. Furthermore, the only website that states that Rog Phone 2 uses Sapphire is gadgethacks, the same site that claims that ROG Phone 2 uses Gorilla Glass 6 for the back of the phone, and the phone does not support face recognition, which are both wrong.

So, is ROG Phone 2 using sapphire for its camera lens?


  • Who knows. JerryRigEverything tried to scratch it with a razerblade knife and it didn't affect it.

    Here's a link to the timestamp. He also incorrectly says it has two different colored LED's for Flash.. I believe it's just one flash and one LED that is used for the RGB on the ROG Cases.

  • Thanks for the info. Seems like he is testing on the Tencent version, while I have the global version. Not too sure how much difference between these two in terms of durability. And we probably will never know, since Asus doesn't even bother to clarify and states the specification clearly.

  • I don't know the brand of the camera glass but it's tested to resist scratches and doesn't need to be as shatter proof as Gorilla glass since the surface is much smaller. It's easier to make a glass which is scratch resistant if it doesn't need to be flexible/shatterproof as well.

    Both Tencent and Global version have the same glass

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