Bluetooth connectivity issue after android 10 update

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I have a serious problem of Bluetooth connectivity with my Bluetooth earphones to my phone Asus 6z . My Bluetooth earphones connect with any other phone but not with my phone.

I have tested in safe mode, I have formated my phone checked my earphones in mono mode reset my earphones but nothing is happening please help me with the issue and please provide any update for it.

Thank you


  • I also had this issue. Downgrading to Android 9 fixes the issue. I figured I'd just stay on Pie until they fix most of these kinds of bugs.

  • How can I roll back to android 9. Please tell me.

  • As there is no option to select the file from internal memory how to downgrade it please help.

  • The download is available here if you are on the WW firmware.

    If you are on a different version, please check with your regional ASUS Support site.

    Have you factory reset your phone since upgrading to Android 10?

  • I'm back on Android 10 because I didn't like my BT headphones that much.. :(. So I reset my phone again and upgraded to q and the problem is still there. For some reason it's only for a few select devices, like my Philips SHB2505 headphones, but not for my JBL Flip 4 BT speaker. The headphones however was realesed only a few months ago and my JBL Flip 4 was released a few years ago so I don't think general compatibility with A10 is the issue. All that leads me to believe it's just a bug in Android 10. Maybe you can do some more testing of yourself the find out if that's the issue.

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    Not only with yours but also with other Bluetooth earphones this problem is happening. I don't know why Asus team is not working on the issue. After purchasing expensive BL earphone I am thinking that I have wasted my money. Request from Asus to please resolve the problem bring some update. Problem with Android 10. Done with everything factory reset hard reset still same problem.

  • It would be interesting to describe your experience in switching from A10 to A9, from A9 to A10 in a separate thread. What errors did you encounter despite the factory reset if any (beside this issue)? What was the experience with A9 / A10 working shortly after each other.

  • Well, when I for the first time switched to A10 I just felt it was a bit snappier and I liked the gestures. Then the BT issue occured and I downgraded to A9. I have to say I did miss the quicker animations from A10 and also the system wide dark mode. What I did like however was the system font for the time and battery and that stuff, it was a bit slicker than in A10. Later when I decided to go back I realised that I do prefer A10 before A9 despite the bugs, it just feels faster to use and the new features is now hard to let go. The day after I upgraded to A10 however, I felt the battery was a lot worse. I had lost like 13 % of my battery with 15 minutes SOT at 9 am in the morning, but I now think that was just a one-off because the battery since then has been back to normal. So in conclusion, I prefer A10 but I really hope a lot of the bugs can be resolved in the next fota.

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    I have a serious problem of Bluetooth connectivity with my Bluetooth earphones to my phone Asus 6z . My Bluetooth earphones connect with any other phone but not with my phone.

    I am facing this problem last 1 and half month ago ..

  • Asus 5z not connecting to car system. Tried connecting to other phone and saw that it requires pairing approval from both devices. How can we approve pairing from devices like music system. This needs to be fixed asap

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