How do I switch back to ROG UI?

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I am on my second week on the ROG Phone 2. I'm loving it! However, I set up the stock android UI and wish to change back to the ROG skin.

How do I do this? Thanks in advance

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  • Thanks! I never thought it was just a wallpaper.

  • Hi there!

    Well I wish for the opposite, I would like to switch from my current ROG UI, for my Android 9 ROG PHONE 2, to the ZENUI Android theme. Except that when I go to Settings>Themes & Wallpaper> my only option I get is Wallpaper Slideshow, it only allows me to make change to this particular option.

    All my background options are ROG themed as well. I hope that someone can help me out. Many thanks.

  • Idk man I'm on A9 as well and I still have the 'themes' option. I suppose factory reset is the only option:-(

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