Plans for VOLTE on ROG Phone II

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So, I am one of those ROG Phone II owners (global version) and go figure, I do not have VOLTE on my phone as well. I've been reading up some posts and forums in regards to VOLTE. What I get from it all is that the option for VOLTE requires both parties (carrier and and phone software) to fulfill certain criteria and ASUS apparently have to get confirmation from carriers so that VOLTE can function. So here's the thing, I know that the ROG Phone II is capable of VOLTE. But I am not sure whether the feature is enabled or disabled in the ROM or its just that my carrier is not sending the information required (IMS registration) for VOLTE to be enabled on my phone.

One thing is for certain is that I know my carrier has VOLTE. So which is it? ROM side or Carrier side that needs to enable whether that needs to be enabled for it to work?

I have read someone actually succeeded in enabling VOLTE by forcefully enabling it (editing system level file and ADB sideload). Obviously doing so voids warranty but this also tells me that ASUS colud actually just enable the feature and that would be up to respective carriers' to support this feature. Can ASUS simply just leave VOLTE option on then?


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    Quite a number of threads on this already ?

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    Hey man,

    Most of us do not have the VoLTE settings available in the network settings menu and yes it involves both ASUS and the Carrier/Service provider. ASUS has the hardware to support VoLTE but the carrier needs to agree to support the device.

    I always had the impression that as long as a device supports VoLTE, I will be able to enjoy that service but no and I have confirmed this with both the Mods here and my local Carrier Singtel. I am from Singapore by the way and VoLTE was introduced in 2014.

    ASUS does not have to do anything to enable VoLTE, it is already in every device but the VoLTE settings will only pop up when you put in a Sim card from a carrier that supports the device. I know that there are some people who have claimed that they have tweaked the files from a ROG phone that has activated VoLTE but does it really work ? We are not sure because even if you were able to get the settings to show up, you still lack the IMS registration from the carrier..

    I know this for a fact because I have another spare VoLTE supported device which is also supported by my local carrier. It has no sim card at the moment. The VoLTE options is not in the settings but the moment I put my sim card into that phone, the phone would apply the sim card settings and it will then reboot itself and the VoLTE option would pop up.

    You can refer to my thread Cheers!

  • Oh hey dude,

    We are practically neighbors then. I'm from Malaysia and my carrier, Unifi does support VoLTE as I did have that feature on while using my Huawei P20 Pro previously. I guess I was a little excited about getting ROG Phone II that VoLTE totally slipped my mind. Now that I got it, I realized that its not supported by carrier which is odd since this phone has been insanely popular here as well with all the marketing and stuff.

    So, its all down to our respective carriers whether they wanna support this phone with VoLTE eh? That seriously blows man..

    I could send an email to my carrier support line, but I'm expecting I would usually get a very standard response like, "Hi there! Please refer to our list of VoLTE supported phones. Your phone is not on the list and it is VoLTE supported."

    I supposed we are at the whims of our carriers then.

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    I got the same reply from my carrier. "Check on our website the list of supported phones". And Rog 2 in not on the list. I guess we will have to live with this for the lifespan of this device.

  • True. Even if ASUS comes out with ROG Phone 3, VoLTE would most probably be locked out of it since it's carrier dependent now.

  • This will be the same as many other devices not just the ROG Phone but I think phones like Blackshark 2 and so on are not supported either so we aren't the only ones facing this issues. I had a Huawei P30 Pro and a LG V20 and yes the moment my sim card goes in, it is activated by default and you are not required to do anything at all.

    I guess there is one thing all of us can try...Since our ROG Phone required the IMS registration information, why not let's just call up our carrier and just tell them that we don't have VoLTE and just play dumb and see if they will just click the activation button on their side and see what happens.

    Because when I talked to my own carrier they said used the word "procedure" I am thinking the reason they have this procedure is because they do not just want to go ahead and activate/support a device due to the fact that the hardware and standards may not be the same standard and specifications as what they have in place.

  • I suppose I could give my service provider a call and do just that. But my carrier posted a list of phones that support VoLTE which 99% they are just gonna throw that in me face and tell me that's that or they are dumber than bricks and would not have a single clue about what I'm talking about.

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    I am going to put this other thread for reference

    So I did something similar to this guy who said he got it to work but the difference is I definitely have VoLTE available so I called up my own local carrier and this what happened...I told them that I wasn't getting any VoLTE service and they pulled out my account status on their system and actually reset the 4G VoLTE service on my line and it did not work. It did not trigger anything so it did not work.

    And I can tell you for sure once I put my sim card in my other phone, it triggered the VoLTE service right away and got the IMS registration details right away...ROG Phone got nothing and there was no trigger...So I am just going to confirm something for can tweak the files to get the VoLTE options to show up in the network settings but if you don't have a IMS registration from your will get no VoLTE service.

    So my local carrier is going to get back to me again because they are still under the impression that I am using my Huawei P30 Pro and it is not working still. Honestly I feel bad for giving them misinformation but I am just trying this out for everyone's sake as well.

  • I will update again soon.

  • Here to give an update today, my local carrier came back to update me on the status on their findings and of course I maintained that I did not do any device change which they are found to be quite odd but they will check on it again I am just hoping that they might ask for a screenshot of the ROG Phone ll's Phone information tab and maybe just do some settings or changes on their end and it might work that way.

    But this just confirms that if your device isn't supported by the Carrier you ain't going to get VoLTE on your phone. It is just a simple as that. No point going the lengths of trying to tweak the working files from the phone and potentially getting yourself in a unhappy situation just to get the VoLTE option to show up on your network settings. It is really about your device getting a IMS registration from your carrier. So fingers crossed still and hopefully I am able to post something positive here.

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    My experience is the same and this is something Asus will have to deal with carriers. Which I hope they will do, like other smartphone producers did. I still have faith.

  • Appreciate the trouble of going through all the hassle to get some findings man. I seriously have no idea how carriers choose which phones are alright to have VoLTE and which phones do not. I suspect it's either the company "pays" the carrier to have them chosen or carriers select by which phones brands have the largest share in the market like Samsung and Apple.

    It's still boggles my mind why all this certification for individual phone manufacturers to get to have VoLTE enabled crap. Just turn it on for everybody. If a phone is not able to support VoLTE then, no VoLTE. If yes, then VoLTE enabled. That would have made everybody's lives easier.

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    I am not sure about that and what is going on but I will still press on to get you guys some updates for this.

  • So my local carrier says they are not blocking me or stopping me from using VoLTE in fact on their system the service is question is...what now ? the phone may not be on their supported list but as long as the phone is capable of supporting VoLTE then it should be alright...that is what I was told now...after digging a bit more

  • Yeah.. which is why it led me to open this thread in the first place. So who is needs to do what now? ASUS or carriers. Can't really tell if ASUS still needs to do something with the firmware to accept IMS registration or carriers really need to configure specific settings for each phone brands for it to work. If your carrier service is not pulling g your leg, then I would have to assume ASUS needs to put in some work to make this work too.

  • Well this is just what I think but I think Carriers who block the phone needs to do something on their end but for carriers like the one I am using, Asus needs to also accept the IMS registration but according to mods/employees here. They are also fighting the same battle as us and they are trying to get a green light for us. So lets just give them some support for this and be positive about it. I don't know much about all this but from all the digging both ends need to do something.

    The reason why our carriers have a supported list is because they have gone into a partnership with a brand, for example Samsung so it is pretty straight forward since both ends are tied together. So all the customer has to do is to put in a sim card which has been VoLTE enabled.

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