Feedback for Game Genie: Facebook Live support and manually adding games

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I love the new Game Genie on my Zenfone 6, but I have some feedback to make it even better:

1) Facebook Live support: I have a higher social following on Facebook pages rather than YouTube or Twitch, and would benefit going Live on Facebook more than the current services listed in Game Genie.

2) Manual addition of games: Not all my games are being listed in the Game Genie, and there's no current way to manually add games or apps to the list.


  • Hi

    For 2)

    You may go to Settings->Advanced->Game Genie

    Then click the "Game toolbar" text (dont click the toggle click the text area to the left of the toggle, separated by the | )

    There you will see all apps that Game Genie can be enabled for .

  • JebJeb Level 1
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    I'm not looking for currently supported apps, though. I'm looking for a way to *manually add apps* to that list, similar to how Microsoft has on their Xbox Game Bar for Windows 10 or other Android device manufacturers have for their game modes, and if that feature is currently supported, please make it easier and straightforward.

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