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Hi! I've recently purchased the ROG Kunai. Has anyone here encountered a problem in handheld mode, wherein the right controller will not properly fire the button input (sometimes not registering). This only happens when I'm pressing the button and using the left analog stick at the same time. This problem does not occur when im using the controller through the gamepad holder and connect to the ROG Phone 2 using bluetooth.


  • Maybe a mod can correct me if im wrong but it might be fixed in the next 52 update. The changelog states something about not registering inputs when 2 fingers are used simultaneously. Which i noticed when firing and moving in pubg and cod on rare occasions

  • I hope so, it's very frustrating that it's occurring, considering it should not have any problems since it was connected via USB Type-C.

  • Hi, how can you get the next 52 update for the ROG Kunai?

    This lag or non responsiveness issue is becoming a real problem for all the games I'm playing it's really a shame for such a beauty.

    Hope they figure it out soon.

  • When is the WW 1910.52 WW firmware coming? I have the same problem and need the fix!!

  • Hi guys, I don't have a date to share, but we are working on getting a firmware update for the device that should fix most of these issues. That's the best answer I can provide at the moment unfortunately.

  • Please make the fix fast....... I have had my Kunai pad for a week and its becoming an AUD$275 paperweight..... You guys make awesome gear, but execution is terrible........ :(

  • Update: Tested on the new firmware which is .64. Seems like the issue is fixed

  • I have this same issue, how do I update my kunai? The right side has been getting stuck buttons since the day I got it.

  • Just attaching it to the phone will cause it to update.

  • I have encountered problem that R stick actually 'drifts' meanibg that when u press it lightly it accelerstes to to full and when u turn it fast clockwise or other direction stick does not seem to follow correctly.

    Also problems with L stick as it is not analog to use at all, when I even slowly press L stick it goes 100% on my screen and it is very hard to make small movements, also input lag is existing.

    Call of duty mobile does not recognize controller when attached to phone.

    Maybe there should be sensitivity curve settings for each stick so acceleration could be used to minimize input lag.

    MOBA control could be usefull if it could be used with L stick aswell as it could make sprinting in cod more controlled.

    Would it be possible to attach gyroscope in button mapping as R stick via game genie?

  • I have an issue in kunai full version which in both mode (handheld & gamepad) using 2 or more buttons at the same time is not working. I mean if i did that, only 1 button is functioning. Also all buttons is working.

    Im disappointed becoz im playing resident evil 4 emulator which i need to hold down a button for target the zombie and another button to fire.

    Also a combo in tekken games using emulator.

    Please make an improvements for that. Thank you!

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