Problem with back cover- cracking sound when pressed.

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A fellow user commented that his phone makes a popping sound when he pressed on the back cover under the camera. I am starting a new one because I have a similar issue only to a greater extent.

When I press with my finger on the back 20% of my phone around the camera, the phone makes a loud cracking sound. It mainly happens if I press under the camera but also beside the camera, beside the fingerprint reader and even on the finger print reader. If I press on the right side a few times the cracking goes away but this causes the left side to pop up and starts cracking. It feels like it could be adhesive that is sticking and unsticking underneath.

In my case the phone is brand new 1 day old fresh stock from Amazon.

I will leave this thread unanswered until the ASUS support users provide some insight into the problem.


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    So I have been testing further, the problem is definitely related to the camera.

    If I press all over the back, eventually the popping goes away- it "resticks" and the phone feels solid however as soon as I retract the camera, the whole top part of the case is loose again and I can press anywhere and hear the cracking and popping.

    I just found that after I press on the area under the camera the camera it makes a poping sound and then the camera actually becomes wobbly and loose. I can actually move the camera module vertically up and down with my fingers. I did two calibrations in a row and it didn't fix it.

    I wonder if this is not just a low build quality issue but rather a design flaw. The whole camera design seems unreliable.

  • Your unit appears to have some manufacturing problems. If you got it one day ago from Amazon, please get in contact with them for an exchange. Neither of the issues you mentioned should be present in a brand new, never been used device.

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    Yes, I just found out that is definitely the camera retraction that is causing the popping sound. After the camera retracts, I can even touch the front and as soon as I touch the screen the back "pops" again.

    I will return it but I will not exchange it. If ASUS can let a phone with these quality problems leave their factory I don't have a lot of trust that the new unit will not have the same problem. Especially because there are so many reports of the similar issues on youtube, reviews sites, other forums. There are a lot of people with these problems.

    This is my first non Samsung phone ever. I did a lot of research before making a purchase decision and I really want to love this phone but feel very disappointed in ASUS lack of quality.

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