AccuBattery says my one month old phone has 90% battery health?

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I installed AccuBattery just when I got my phone and it's saying the battery health is 90%. Is this normal? I usually try to keep the battery charge under 75-80% and not let it get to 100% unless i really need it. I know this isn't always accurate but i expected atleast 95%, and the highest measurement doesn't even go over 5800mah letalone 6000mah


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    Hello, I too have similar readings in Accubattery.

    I think Asus restricts battery from get charged to its full 6000mAh capacity to reduce fast wear outs. The highest I've seen in Accubattery is around 5600mAh battery when the phone is left to the charger even after reaching 100% charge. While this is a very good measure, Asus should have given us option to disable this mechanism as in which they gave in older Asus Zenfones (its was called 2x battery life span).

    Can mods clarify this?

  • Oh wow, I did not know that was a thing. If that is the reason, there definitely should be a way to turn it off.

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    Typical capacity is 6000mAh but it's rated 5800mAh. It's normal that manufacturers use the typical capacity in the specs rather than the rated one. On top of this, accubattery isn't 100%. You will notice how that estimated battery life goes up and down with every recharge. How much you drain your battery before you recharge will affect the result.

  • Yeah I know it's not the most accurate but its almost always staying below 5600 and some even going even lower than 5200?

  • i just had my phone for 2 months and always on battery care set for the whole day and this is my capacity now?. always 30-80 charging. now that was pretty fast battery degradation @Anders_ASUS . :(

  • If we can trust this app then im verry dissapointed. My over one year s9+ has lost only 500 mAh. While rog2 degradation is almost 1k mAh in one month...

  • AccuBattery just estimates. They don't know your real battery capacity with all certainty. If you're worried that your battery capacity has degraded then it's better to join this thread and test your phone with the recommended settings to find out what is what

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