VOLTE Not working with air tel sim India



  • I recently ported two sim cards from Jio to Airtel. One of them i put in samsung phone and the other in Asus. The one in samsung automatically got connected to volte but the one in Asus didn't got volte. So, then i interchanged the sim cards then observed that both of them are working on volte. And again i interchanged sim cards hoping that volte will start in Asus too but it did not happened. What is actually going on. Should I request for new sim or what? Anyone got solution?

  • You need to complaint to the airtel customer care service.thats what I've done and volte is working or else there's a trick put the airtel sim from Rog 2 to any phone which has volte working and use for a day or so and then put it back to Rog 2 and it will work .this trick can work on jio as well .it worked for me

  • In Brazil, low level Samsung smartphones has VoLTE, super powerfull ROG II not!!!! Unbelievable!

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