*Bug* Not Reciving auto APN for israel providers in Israel

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*Bug* Not Reciving auto APN for israel providers

and not reciving sms APN too from Cellcom, Hotmobile (Partner) and Pelephone from israel

Also the UI in armory crate still In hebrew language is OFF screen in aura lighing section

Also In Pelephone provider its taking ages to recover to 4G

its not coming back to 4G if internet is working its switching to 4G only if no recive send signal for 2 minute

Manual switching only works by switching on/off cellolar data


  • You don't happen to have a tencent phone? If you do, then this could be why. If it doesn't say Tencent on the back, then we need to investigate why it can't detect the correct APN settings

    There's shouldn't be any Armoury Crate and Game Genie UI issues with latest update. But then again, if you have a tencent phone, this could be why.

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    i have phone from b&h north American version


    its not detect apns from all operators in Israel

    only from Pelephone

    and i dont recive sms apn also..

    and Pelephone operator is staing at H+ after i droped from 4g and not going back to 4g when conection is on ( spotify youtube WhatsApp)

    only when no connctions and screen close its connect to 4g its only happening with this operator

  • Then we should log your modem to see what's going on. If you're OK with that, please let me know and I can send you the log tool with instructions.

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