Is this much SoT with 60hz and power saver normal?



  • I do occasionally play whe charging, it gets around 45 with a peak of 46-47, but the battery slowly drains instead of charging. The phone probably lowers the charging speed to not cause more heat.

  • Right, I did not notice that because I don't plug the charger in while gaming on it and I normally let the thing cool off before charging because I felt that it was too hot. Another thing I did was to leave the aero cooler on just to help a little bit.

  • I sadly don't have the aero cooler because I got the 8/128gb variant. And only a 18 watt charger instead of the 30watt one.

  • Oh ok then just let it cool off before you charge it.

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    Playing Asphalt 9 my phone goes within 15 minutes to 45 degrees and it stays their for hours (I play a lot of Asphalt). My X mode settings are set to performance ultimate, CPU 2.96, temperature default. If I set temperature to max, the the temperature will rise to 46 Celsius. The good thing is the Aeroactive cooler keeps temperature at 41C constant, good 4 degrees lower, charging while playing or just playing. I find the Aeroactive cooler as essential accessory for playing games. Also if I charge while playing, the speed of charging is the same as doing nothing. If I charge and not play, the phone is on the room temperature. In my case the charger gets warmer and the phone insignificantly. The warmest the phone gets is in case I receive a phone call during the race. When I talk and Asphalt runs in the background, it gets really hot it burns my ear. I have a 30W charger. As I read hear guys from India commenting on the 18W charger, there is a huge difference in performance. 30W charger should be in the box by default, even if it would make a phone a little bit more expensive.

  • I'm pretty sure you get the aero cooler and the 30w charger in the box on the more expensive 12/512gb variant.

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    Battery life I get is amazing. No other phone I had comes close. Coming from Apple and Samsung, Rog 2 in this department beats them up to 4 times longer (Note 8). Once I took it off the charger at 5.30am went on a business trip across 3 countries, phone connected to my car for 7-8 hours over Bluetooth, talked in roaming over 3 hours, checked all emails and used Google maps to find hotel in the evening. At 10pm the battery was at 69%! No other phone comes close to that. In these conditions Samsung needs recharging at 5pm at latest. Note 8 at 1pm ( my personal experience!). This is the first smartphone ever I had that doesn't need to be plugged in my car's charger during the day. It's a real relief and a deal-breaker as I travel for work a lot. Pity for that VoLTE issue!

    Hoping it could assist you in achieving the same amazing battery life, here is the summary of what I do as my routine.

    1. I did the battery calibration as described in the manual before I started the phone for the first time.

    2. In Battery department in settings I have activated all saving options, like detecting apps running in the background and so on. My screen is set to 120Hz refresh rate (the only thing not in saving mode).

    3. Overnight charging is set between 23pm and 7am. I wake up at 6.30 and I see the battery is not fully charged. Obviously the system is protecting the battery and it prevents it to be fully charged! No risk in overnight charging if the charging period has been set in Battery Care settings! I can then leave it on a charger until 7am when it will be fully charged, or take it off the charger, typically at 86%. I put it on the charger overnight only if the battery is 10% or lower.

    4. If it wasn't on a charger overnight, I do as Jetjosh does. Never let it charge completely (normally to 95%). Or if it charges to 100% take it of the charger immediately.

    And that's it! Hope you will achieve the same level of battery performance and personal satisfaction!

  • Oh wow that's some pretty amazing battery life. I have pretty much the same settings, but I don't charge over the night and only charge it over the day. I will try the leaving the phone charging for a long time and hopefully that makes it better.

  • That sounds great. Can you please share your battery stats screenshots?

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    This is the last I recorded with Active Cooler attached while playing Asphalt. Now the phone is just off the charger

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    Please note that crazy long battery times don't include gaming or Active cooler attached. The usage is limited to these business related functions: Bluetooth on, telephone, messages, notes, emails (I run simultaneously 2 email clients which are set to check for mail shortest time possible), opening and editing excell and pdf, calculator, camera, web browser (I use 3), VPN and Google maps. 7-8 hours in total between different functions. I would say the screen is on 3 to 4 hours (not while talking or driving). Norton and Sophos security running all the time. As a business phone Rog 2 can last 2 days easy.

  • Right now, there's no point in comparing battery stats because this function isn't working as it should. The same thing goes for ZenFone 6.

    Both phones have always had this bug and it will be fixed in a future update. We haven't been able to fix it until now since it required help from another company. This bug prevents the battery stats from measuring everything the way it should. Because of this, two users who use their phone in a similar way but with different apps, will end upp with different results. SOT in hours can be fairly correct but the battery drain percentage of everything else is wrong. So you won't know by looking at the stats if there's a power hungry app draining all your battery. A SOT comparison right now will only work if you have two phones with very similar apps and that are used in the same way.

    We're not alone in having this bug but other manufacturers show their stats differently making it harder to notice these inconsistencies.

    So at the moment, if you feel that the battery life used to be better, don't look at the stats. Look at the total battery percentage and compare that to what you normally had with the same user pattern. If it's much lower, then you might have a battery draining app.

    Best way to quickly find out if this is the case, is to prevent all apps from starting by themselves with our auto-start manager and then you control which apps that's running by looking in the recent apps overview. If it now feels like you battery life is back to normal, then you have a battery draining app.

    The whole charge your phone for 8 hours thing won't make any difference. This recommendation is only for unused phones that might have been laying on the shelf for months. A lot of electronic products with battery have similar recommendations.

  • Oh wow damn that sucks. Will the fix for it be coming when the android 10 update comes? Or will it take less/more time?

  • If it doesn't make it into the Q update, then it will come in the update after.

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    Bug or not, I am very satisfied with battery life! The. Best phone ever I had.

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