Is this much SoT with 60hz and power saver normal?



  • Oh damn, I never really read any of that stuff. So I was supposed to charge it for 8 hours straight before using it? I don't think doing that now will really help too much, may even make it worse. Well crap.

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    Maybe you can still try it? I would empty almost completely and the recharge for 8 hours.

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    That might be the reason why I have really great battery time since day one. Maybe Asus can comment on that?

  • I did a bit of googling, and apparently its only really helpful on nickel-based batteries, not lithium-based ones.

  • I'm not a battery expert, but the Technical Product Manager that I work with here has recommended charging all of our phones for at least 8 hours before turning them on. ZenFone 5Z, ZenFone 6, ROG Phone, etc.

    It totally ruins the unboxing experience, because you have this new shiny thing that you just have to stare at all day. But according to the engineers, this is best practice for all of our mobile devices.

  • Oh wow. Is it worth doing it now? After about a month of use?

  • Again, not a battery expert by a long shot. But as far as I know, it can't hurt the battery so there is no harm in trying. You might see some extended battery life as a side effect. ;)

    Keep in mind the advice I was given was to charge the device while its powered off for 8 hours. So discharge the battery, turn it off, and charge it for 8 hours. I hope you see a tangible improvement!

  • I'm no expert either but isn't it bad to keep your phone plugged in for a long time, even if it's fully charged? I'll still try it later tho later when my battery dies.

  • That's my understanding as well, but since this is a "once in the lifetime of the phone" charging event I can't imagine it will do any damage. I believe that advice, not leaving it connected to a charger when the device is at 100% is a cautionary tale for daily charging behavior.

  • Okay thanks, will leave my phone on charge when I sleep after it dies, hopefully that helps the battery life a little.

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    I'm not the battery expert as well, but I followed the recommendation from the manual and I have amazing battery life. Unlike people here complaining that the battery doesn't feel like 6000 mAmp at all.

  • I do think the battery life is good but I saw some people with op7pros getting 10ish hours of SoT at 90hz when that phone has a 4000mah battery

  • Will give this method a try tonight and will share my experience :) weekend plans set ?

  • Ok so I am just going to use common sense.

    The ROG Phone II just like most flagships by other popular brands have a system designed to protect the battery and device so I don't think charging the battery for 8 hours will do anything since the system will kick in after it reaches max charge.

    Battery damage ? I don't think the battery damage will come from charging the phone overnight or something. since the system is there to protect the device. Heat is the thing you need to worry about so as suggested you might want to turn your device off when you charge it from 0% since it is going to speed charge from 0% and there will be just try to keep the phone cool when you charge it and I think it will be alright.

    Check out this video, I know it is for a Iphone but the battery used in the iphone is also the same..

  • So slow charging overnight is better than fast charging normally? Do you know if there's a way to force normal charging instead of fast on the phone? I remember my old S8 having that feature.

  • People are going to argue of course that over charging at night is bad but most phones have system built in but I guess no one can trust that since there are a lot of articles saying that it is bad for battery. The only way for the phone to charge slowly is to get a charger that has a output of 2.4 A or lower ? since quick chargers have a output of 3 A.

    I don't charge the phone overnight but I just top it off and turn off the charger when it shows a 100% that is pretty much what I do with it.

  • My S8 could switch from fast charging to normal so it's definitely possible, idk if it is on the rog2 tho. And I usually charge it til it's around 75-80% then unplug it and use it normally til it gets low

  • yea we don't have that option available now I think ? but I think the way you are charging it now is alright.

    I am not going to think the way the nerds think about batteries because let's be honest to ourselves when the next ROG Phone comes out...I am sure we will be itching to want spend on it again. So just have fun and charge it when you need to, I am sure the phone was designed in a way that we don't have to worry about it.

    Just one important thing to note is to not let the phone heat up too much.

  • I'm probably gonna stick with this phone for a while, even when the new rog comes out.

    Also how much heat is too much? When playing asphalt it goes upto around 40ish degrees celsius, and around 44 when playing it for 2 hours. Upto 39 when using the phone for medium intensity tasks while charging.

  • I am not sure what temperature the batteries would be at when you are gaming on the ROG Phone because I never check that part when I played, I guess it should be alright. But don't immediately charge the device because the Phone is already hot and if you were to plug the charger in right away...that is definitely going to raise the battery temps plus with the fast is going heat things up for you might want to let the device cool down a bit before plugging in charger.

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