Zenfone 6 weird screen power glitch for Android 10

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Just installed Android 10 today on my Zenfone 6 and noticed something pretty minor but it's been bugging me and my friends who own the same phone as I do.

In Android 9, when turning on the screen or turning off the screen, you would get a fade effect. Like, when you turn on the screen the screen would fade on. When you turned off the screen it would fade off. It was a small touch but it made the phone screen look and feel fancy and nice.

With Android 10, when turning on the screen the fade effect is still there but when turning off the screen, the fade effect is gone. When you turn off the screen it just shuts off and it doesn't quite look as nice or sleek. I understand it's a small detail but I just don't understand why there's a fading effect for when turning on the screen but not when turning it off. The fade effect is extremely nice and I know I and many other users would like it back! Kindest regards - Branden


  • Having the fade-in during screen-on was implemented to make it less jarring when screen turns on (specifically helpful for dark environments).

    Having the fade-out when screen is turned off is not as crucial in a sense -- however as you mention, this was there in P.

    We'll bring it up to the devs and see if they can implement screen-off fade again.

  • Thank you so much!! A lot of my friends and I definitely like how the fade out looks. It looks so premium and nice. Hopefully they bring it back, I would really appreciate it. Kindest regards - Branden :)

  • The screen fade out is the best. Even if you guys don't want to fully implement it, at least make it an option in the settings under display. That would mean a lot. The fade out feature is soooooo nice. - Best regards, Branden.

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