Microphone volume EXTREMELY low after Android 10 update

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I just installed the Android 10 update today and noticed that the microphone sound has become extremely quiet in 3rd party apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

The microphone audio is perfectly fine in the main camera app but in any other 3rd party app, the microphone sound is about 50% quieter than usual. Asus, please fix! Kindest regards - Branden


  • Hi

    This is using the phone microphone I assume?

    And when you noticed this, did you have 3.5mm earphones/headphones connected (at that time of recording)?

  • Nope, I always use my phone microphone. It's just so quiet now in 3rd party apps ?

  • I have the same issue and have made a post earlier.

    Please forward this issue to devs.

    This phone actually has a decent mic that picks up a lot of detail, but this volume drop in social media alls is killing the experience.

    Might be something to do with the way those apps are using the camera.. because apps that use just audio recording seem fine.

  • Sorry for the later reply here

    Please check if the issue remains after the next update.

  • Even I also have similar problem...Mine is Asus max M2... After android 10 update...My mic stops after one call...I have to restart to turn it on again...It doesn't work in camera ,sound recorder,Pubg, Or any app which uses mic...Ever time I have to restart it...It sucks...Please Fix it asap....

  • This is not the Max Pro m2 section.

    If you are having microphone problems where it simplyu doesnt work, please contact your local Asus service center.

    Thank you

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