I can turn off data/Wifi even when the screen is locked... This security loophole...

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I've previously used a samsung a50 2017 model. I'm missing the security features provided in that, i.e., unable turn off data/ Wifi, when screen is locked. when compared to my now asus6z, i can do that. This is a security issue.. i hope the upcoming updates to rectify this problem...


  • is the issue is that you can turn off internet on lock screen ? But you don't want that ? is that correct ?

  • This is current Android behavior as per Google and for the initial Q releases , we havent changed this.

    We may however change this behavior down the line - and will record your feedback.

  • @CH_ASUS

    It would also be good that during the start, you must first unlock the phone and then enter the pins, as in Zenfone 5z and Android 9.

  • But there is no problem with that, and that's exactly how it works on Android 10. Check your screen lock settings.

    You may have installed an app with Device Administrator privileges, it always resets the screen lock settings, so it doesn't want you to enter pin before Android starts up.

  • I have a Zenfone 5z with Android 10, and I would like my Zenfone 6 to be unlocked in the same way. First unlock the phone, second the SIM card. I think it brings more security.

  • I disagree. I like existing way which is able to turn on/off WiFi at lock screen.

  • I mean the process of switching on the phone, not the unlock.

  • Model: Asus 5z

    Mobile data does not work until phone is unlocked, even when mobile data is turned on. Once phone is unlocked, then I receive all messages and notifications and data starts working. Even songs which I'm playing online on Spotify or SoundCloud stop, when mobile data is on but phone is locked.

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