Today i took some shots at night and i confirm. The result is a disaster now in Android 10



  • I.. dont think that is the noise-reduction. It looks more like the lens blur, maybe due to focus not being exactly the same, or somehow how i positioned myself.

    Why I say this is when doing the crops as below, it really doesnt look like noise-supression smudging - and more like focus blur?

    Android P , crop

    Android Q Crop

  • Anders can clarify his statements, but my take on is that noise reduction has been more aggressive vs. the launch. Not speciifcally that noise reduction was raised in Q vs latest P. Because this it has not (at least by intention).

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    So, has anyone tried resetting the camera app completely through the system settings?

    I just did this and I'm seeing *some* improvements to low-light scenarios.

  • There's no major difference. The way you describe it makes me think something is wrong with your device. Do you have any photo that you took with A9 that you could maybe try to replicate with the current fw? Please make sure to test both with and without HDR+. We know HDR++ is different so no need to test that mode.

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    How could something be wrong with his or her device? Is there something wrong with *all* our devices, then?

    And to say there's "no major difference" is an understatement. Yes, maybe the *thumbnail* photos look decent, but if you actually open up the photos and view the full version in full detail, you'll clearly see the differences.

  • The focus so far has been on low light right?

    @off2fly115 specifically mentioned daylight - of which we also dont observe any major differences except as Anders mentioned in the HDR++ mode where some changes have been made - so the immediate answer from our side would of course be to ask if there are any photos that can be "recreated" under A10 vs existing photos under a recent A9 build.

    Examples would be helpful - yes, we can post our own comparisons too , that is not a problem which was the request from Branden.

    What we are discussing here should be the differences between P and Q. And not "consistency" issues within each set for firmware - as there can of course be instances where photos do not turn out well - no matter which firmware - as every scene (even if seemingly similar) arent treated exactly the same by the camera software.

  • Did you mean Restore default settings in Camera app Settings or Clear Storage to Camera app?

    This photo is beautiful and much more detailed :)

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    Ance again @Jeb :

    Did you mean Restore default settings in Camera app Settings OR Clear Storage to Camera app?

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    Honestly, I've noticed camera issues and inconsistencies in all lighting scenarios.

    I have an open support ticket with Asus if that helps. N191214618

  • Could you help us with clearing your camera app data & cache (long press the camera app icon, go to (i) -> Storage & memory -> "Clear Storage" (this wont remove your photos just reset the camera).

    And keep using the camera as normal, let us know if you observe any weirdness - is this in every photo - and if possible try to recall if you see something wrong, in which mode it was in? (Auto, Portrait, HDR++ and so on).


  • Feel free to share here and we can also try to replicate.

    Inconsistencies will happen , and did happen on P - as well as on Q.

    If you are generally unhappy with the ZenFone 6 camera performance and always have been, I think we may have a hard time changing that in any major way.

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    I believe the issue is probably rooted in overall phone performance. Users are often reporting performance drops on Android 10 compared to Android 9.x, and I know the camera relies heavily on software due to lack of OIS.

  • Do both and try! Do let us know if you find anything consistently changed/improved (more than "feeling" as that is quite intangible).

    For those of you who experience Q being "so much worse and terrible" - is this on every photo? Or is it generally some photos.

  • Hi! Thank you for your kind words and always replying quickly :)

    I would say that 6/10 pictures shot with Android 10 feels a little mediocre compared to Android 9. Before in Android 9, every shot I took, I was satisfied with. Like, the camera could do no wrong. But now, I just feel like the exposure in normal daylight is a little off. Night mode also has it's problems but other people have mentioned it enough.

    Camera UI has become laggy. When walking around with the camera app open, if you look through the screen you will notice that there are occasional stutters. In A9, the camera view through the screen was completely smooth. Also, there are a few stutters when recording a video as well. The stutters sometimes show in video and don't tho so it's kind of a hit or miss. Please look into these and let know how it goes. Thank you and once again, I appreciate your guy's hard work. Best regards, Branden.

    P.s. I will try to post some pics here when I get the chance in the future.

  • Here is one indoor shot comparison. Not exactly daylight though.

    Manual focus on the center of the lower flower.

    Android P

    Android Q

  • Could be.. really difficult to say. Root cause can , as you say, be something completely separate from camera but affecting it. Might then also be a "some have it and some dont".

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    I have no problems with the camera (not to mention aggressive noise reduction), I just asked @Jeb twice what exactly he did.

    So @Jeb for the third time:

    So, has anyone tried resetting the camera app completely through the system settings?

    What exactly did you mean by that?

    Restore default settings in Camera app Settings OR Clear Storage to Camera app?

  • Hi!

    Here are some of my personal pictures and videos shot with *SNAPCHAT* on my Zenfone 6 to show the over exposure and overly quiet mic problem. These were all shot with Android 10 .73

    The first 2 pictures are over exposed in my opinion and the quality is just not there. Snapchst and 3rd party pics and videos used to be much better in Android 9 and I will upload some Android 9 pics in the future.

    As for the video, ignore the color filter. I made it like that in Snapchat and can't take the color filter off. The point of the video is to show how quiet the mic is. I was paying music through the phone speakers at 90% volume. You can barely hear the song unless you watch the video and turn the volume all the way up.

    Please let me know what you guys think about these issues. Anything will help. Hope these things get fixed soon. Best regards, Branden :)

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    I thought I already answered that.

    I reset the camera app by completely deleting all program data in the system settings.

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