headphone jack on AeroCooler II issue

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i was trying to connect my headphones to the AeroCooler II but i get no sound, surprisingly when i try to connect them directly to the bottom of the phone it works


  • hi i have kunain gamepad i got same problem if iput the 3.5jck earphone to aerocooler No sound but if you transffer the 3.5 earphone on original earphone hole it works

  • same issue, 3.5mm doesn't work over aero cooler 2 port.

  • Ok, could be...

    1. The volume control is independent from the main audiojack. Maybe you have the Aerocooler audio jack on mute?
    2. Some weird compatibility issue with your headphones. Or does this happen with the bundled ones?
    3. Your Aerocooler might be damaged
    4. it's just another bug. In this case, I need to log your phone. Who's willing to help?
  • and 5. this will happen if you're using the Kunai bumper with controllers. If this is the case, then you need to use the bundled USB C to 3.5mm adapter

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    So, if we're using the Kunai bumper and controllers, with the Cooler, we can't use the 3.5 jack on the bottom of the Aerocooler?

    That seems like a pretty poor implementation... Any chance it could be addressed with software?

    I very rarely use the headphone jack, and I don't really want to have to deal with carrying and remembering another dongle. If that jack can't be used in this combination, what exactly is the point of it??


  • There's a hardware limitation when combining the kunai bumper and AeroActive cooler II. Unfortunately it can't be fixed with software and this is why the dongle was included with the Kunai

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    Is the limitation something with the Kunai or the cooler?

    Any idea why that wasn't taken into consideration during the design phase?

    I'm honestly just curious what the reasonings might have been, and why a dongle was the "best" solution...

  • Can you please explain how I can unmute the audio control for the aerocooler?

    And mine doesnt show the earphones icon on the status bar when i connect it through the aero cooler when im using the kunai gamepad.

    All was fine before the Android 10 update for me.

  • Can someone explain me some other kunai have Bottom 3.5mm socket for jack. While others like mine dont have. In handheld mode. But the bundle have typeC to 3.5mm adaptor.

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