Camera automatically flips front when receiving video call even the phone is in flat surface/Pocket

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The camera tries to automatically flips front when receiving video call even the phone is in table, pocket or in any closed surface. It is not sensing the camera cannot make it, since it is not in hand. Already lots of scratches due to this error. And this bug is in all the applications like Whatsapp, duo, imo etc...

Please fix it. Otherwise provide an option to us to On and Off the auto flip for video calls.


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    Yes, the camera flips when a "selfie camera" is asked by the app.

    So app's developers AND also ASUS can change this behaviour, not only ASUS.

    You say that your camera flips in your pocket ? Is your pocket large ? The proximity sensor has a max range of detection of 15 cm. If something is in this range, the camera should not flip...

  • Wtf, I do not intend to hurt anyone?‍♂️

  • He asked how big your pocket is, because in a normal pocket the camera should never open, it should be automatically prevented.

  • ZF6 is equipped with a Laser, just under the flash.

    It would be cool if we can pair the data of the proximity sensor and the laser to authorize or not the camera to flip !

    So if the phone is on your desk, the proximity sensor will allow the flip, but the laser will not, because the space between the table and the phone is too small.

    The max distance of the laser is 15cm and minimum is 5cm, if I remember the old Laser Ruler app on ZF3D ...

  • Thank you for the best solution dude. By the way sorry for what happened buddy. I thought you were teasing my pocket size. Lol. Forget it.

  • I hope ASUS devs will see my suggestion to avoid a flipping of the camera on a table !

  • As mentioned in this thread - the general app behavior is that apps will call the video camera during video calls.

    And they will call the selfie camera. As such Android will react accordingly and turn on the camera.

    We've done some safe-guards by ourselves in place - as we obviously cannot change how other apps are coded - but for example the case of WhatsApp video calling - when a Video call comes in - the default behavior of WhatsApp is to turn on the selfie camera even BEFORE you answer the call.

    We've implemented a tweak to only turn on the camera after you've accepted the call. So when receiving a video call, and you dont answer - the camera should not flip.

    However, if you are the one making the call, and the other party hasnt picked up , the camera will still flip first.

    This behavior works correctly from our testing on WhatsApp , Duo, and FB Messenger

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    Hi CH_Asus team, Thank you for the response. Is there any possibility to add the same functionality in the IMO application. Since I'm facing the bug in that application. Not only in table, the camera flips up in the pocket too. I have tried putting my mobile in my pocket and called from another device, it is actually flipping in pocket. And I can surely sense there is no much space between mobile and my body.

    I'm worrying it will affect the camera mechanism.

  • @Anders_ASUS , @CH_ASUS Any update on this request? Still Im facing the same issue .

  • I don't use this app so I haven't noticed that they didn't fix it. I will check with our devs and ask them to implement the same fix as we have made to other video chat apps.

    Thanks for reminding me!

  • Thanks for the response and please keep me posted once it is resolved.

  • After long period the problem is resolved in the recent update. The third party apps request the Selfie came to activate it through prompt is not the best solution but good move. Therefore we can close this ticket. Thanks for the update guys.

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