Home screen has bugs whole shifting icons one to another page

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Watch the attached video. Couldn't move the icon from one page to another by holding icon and swipping to another page.


  • From the video it seems it happened once, but not the two times before it?

    Do you often run into this issue?

  • First two times, I'm holded the app icon in one finger and moved that finger to next page. It is worked perfectly and no issues in that. Third time I have done differently. I'm held the calc application icon in one finger and swiped to another page in another finger then released the app icon in the navigated page. Here the issue occurs. You have seen the result at the end of video.

  • Got it.

    So the issue occurs when you are holding an icon with one finger - and then NOT moving the icon (the longpress popup window is still active)

    Then using a 2nd finger, to trigger on a second touchpoint - swiping the home screen.

    What this means is that you arent actually moving the icon - as the "floating menu" was still there.

    We'll feedback to devs and see if there can be any changes made to improve this.

  • Yes correct, The habit of holding icon in one and moving with another finger is catched from HTC device. Im having the same habit now. Thats why I found out this bug.

    And thank you for your response.

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