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So my zf 6 died... Wont turn on wont do anything...Amazon seller is an ass an im out $600..... I was told asus does some kind of pick up here in US to take to china or taiwan or wherever to get it fixed is this true? An what is the cost? Frikin heartbroken over this mess


  • Hi

    If the device is bought officially from Asus or our official resellers in the US - then a warranty case would be in order.

    As for cases when it is a chinese unit (or wherever it is from), the general case is to go back to the seller, or seek the warranty in the country "it belongs to".

    Maybe our US support can also help you with a "out of warranty" repair case / quotation but I am not sure they are able to handle that. You may try first.

  • mastershumastershu Level 2
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    @CH_ASUS appaerntly it seems the seller is full of it!! i was told on here it was a taiwan phone....via the SN but if i go to asus usa site on warranty it says i have 1 year... an wanted me to do a ''regular rma'' from the phone i was using so what is it? US phone or taiwan phone? im confused as hell an even more mad at this seller for lying on not helping at all but when i did it on pc it said something different after an wants me to contact support.... when i do it goes back to warranty sccreen not chat

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