Earpiece audio horrible after Android 10 update.

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Received the Android 10 update 11-28-19 now Having this issue where incoming calls cannot hear me. I always have to call back, but additionally all call audio is routed to loud speaker. If I restart the phone one call will work properly and send audio through only the earpiece but every subsequent call goes to loud speaker outputting call audio through both with no way to disable it. Has anyone else experienced this?


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    Read through this from the first page. Basically, you can "fix" some things by toggling on then off speakerphone while connected on a call. They reoccur after reboot.

    Curious - are you on TMobile?

  • Much appreciated, will attempt and report back. I am on Simple Mobile (MVNO using TMobile network)

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    Ok, I Have attempted the solutions you mentioned in the other thread with no luck whatsoever. But the plot thickens! After my failure I went to the play store and installed Google's own Contacts app assuring that I allowed it to make calls. When a call is initiated through the Google Contacts app, calls work perfectly; sending call audio through only the top earpiece. When the same call is initiated through the Asus dialer, calls are again routed through the Loud speaker. Selecting "speaker" only makes it louder.

    I tested this calling the same number repeatedly switching between the Asus Dialer and the Google contacts app to confirm.

  • So you have workaround for this bug in Asus own app.

    You can even install Google Phone (Dialer) app from XDA:

    I myself use original applications wherever possible and avoid proprietary manufacturer solutions.

  • This issue will be fixed in future FOTA but it's a nice workaround for those that need a solution today.

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