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The Alwas on display really need an improvement, there is some bugs I faced:

1. When I take the phone right from the pocket, it won't wake up if I press the power bottom.

2. Need a simple looking theme for the always on, at least for the classic theme.

3. Need to be able to modify the brightness on it. Sometimes in the night I turn it off because it to bright.


    1. ok, does this always happen? when does it wake if it doesn't happen right away. Please give us more details. Maybe we need to log your phone because I've never seen this issue on my device
    2. This has already been requested and forwarded to our devs.
    3. Also already requested and forwarded


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    I love the Rog 2 theme both on the phone and AOD (a matter of personal taste), but the request number 3 would be very welcome. I have now switched off AOD completely as it's too bright in the night.

  • If I take it right away from the pocket and trying to turn it on it takes something like 5-10 seconds for the phone to try to figure out what is going on... When the phone detecting it's on a pocket, it turn of the AOD, and when it comes out from the pocket it turn on again. When I take it from the pocket and it hadn't turn the AOD yet, it take a couple of seconds until the phone can be waked up.

    Btw, thanks for the answer anders :)

  • sorry about the late reply. Ok, this isn't normal behaviour. My recommendation is that you should download the full Android Q firmware from our site when you get the upgrade notification next year. Our devs say it shouldn't matter if you install via FOTA or the manually downloaded firmware and they are probably right but I'd say it's worth it. I also recommend to clean all your app cache and if you want to go all in to make sure you have a good transition between Pie and Q, then you should reset all your app data in settings -> system -> Reset options and Reset app preferences

  • To be honest an option to have 'Always on display' only when device is charging would be nice.

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