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How to View Your Notification History on Android

To see your notification history, just tap on the newly-created widget. You will see every notification you’ve received, along with a timestamp.

To expand the information, tap on an individual notification. Depending on the type of notification, you might be able to see a brief snippet of information from the alert.

I was very surprised to find that this log of all notifications is virtually cluttered with hidden Splendid notifications about which the user had no idea (It doesn't matter if your are using Wide color gamut or not). What is this weird system hack and why is it? Can anyone explain it?

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    Splendid will have a silent/private notification whenever you unlock the phone.

    I dont really know why it does this but you can also turn it off by going in to All apps (show system), find Splendid and turn off the two types of notifications it can do. Then it wont show up in the notification log anymore as well.

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    Thank you for the explanation, so it can even be used as a time log of every wake up.

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