How to record both internal and microphone audio in game genie, no options there ?

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Sir I Started Recording Gameplays From My ROG PHONE 2 Game Genie. But I Can record either internal or microphone. Kindly add new options to record both internal and microphone at same time in update. thank you.


  • I will ask our devs if it's possible or if this option is missing because of some hardware limitation.


  • Did you hear back about whether this is possible? I got the 2 as well, and it seems like it would be a great game streaming device with the Kunai game pad and the Cooler if this were implemented.

  • No reply if they will do it or not but they have at least received your suggestion, so maybe in the future.

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    It would be great that the headphone jack both on the phone and the cooler (or any accessory that has it), is also the audio in (mic) jack. It would raise the quality of audio recording to another level. Also to be able to record simultaneously both from in game and from the external mic. External mic would also greatly improve video recording in general, from the phone's camera.

  • Yes, i hope the developers can add the features where external audio such as from in-game mic can be used while recording internal audio. I tend to record gameplays with my friends using in-game voice chat using the game genie screen recorder using internal audio recording. But the result is that only the internal audio and my friends' voices can be heard, i can't even hear my voice because screen recorder did not recorded the audio from my mic. Please do make an update for this. Thank you.

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    Same here.... can't record both internal audio and mic audio simultaneously

  • This is a great suggestion tho Asus is not really at fault here. The problem comes with Google (Android) because of copyright issues. The only work around for this as of now is to set the recording audio to mic and play for the game using nothing but the phone speakers (which doesn't make any sense specially if you are playing some FPS games) . Downside of this is you will not be able to use the in game voice chat.

  • I tried on iPhone, it can record both audios. But sometimes when you get a Call, or you minimized the game to check something then the in-game voice chat goes off or your voice stops recording.

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    Asus guys if u need something for research pls check out the samsung m40 the game launcher from the samsung store, records gameplay internal as well as the microphone external audio. The phone sucks though on pubg. Switched to asus rog 2 but sadly it only records internal game audio. No options for mic recording. You guys made a gaming phone, this is the most important feature, u didnt add. Pls do this, ull get more sales.

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    No i dont think its a google issue. Samsung m40 can do it, y cant asus rog 2

  • Same here.... can't record both internal audio and mic audio simultaneously. I am going to buy rog phone 3 seen this problems i think sould not buy this mobile

  • @Anders_ASUS any update on this? It is like the most requested function. When some other phone like samsung m40 can do it, i dont think a hardware limitation is the factor here. We all need this feature or recording both audios simultaneously.

  • You seem to be living under the rock, select Microphone as the Record audio in Screen recorder settings.

    This records both Internal & your own Microphone're welcome.

  • Have in mind that changing the volume will affect the recording volume of internal audio but not the microphone. So if you want to make your voice louder, then you need to lower the game audio.

    It's also not possible to talk to your friends while recording your voice. If this is important, then you need to use 3rd party app like discord

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