Android 10 | UI Stuttering especially while switching apps and going back to Home

ishant.ipishant.ip Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Hello Mods,

Ever since I have updated to the latest android 10 on my ASUS 6z, I feel a lack of smoothness in the general UI flow. Switching between apps feels clunky and there's some delay when we pull up a certain app to bring all the running ones on the screen.

I used ANDROID 10 on Oneplus 7 Pro and Samsung Note 10 plus(beta) both of which have a similar processor. But the UI smoothness on those devices is way too good and at just another level. Everything feels so intuitive and right. I hope you guys are working on making this app switching thing as cool as it should be or otherwise I would only prefer to roll back to Android 9 which was damn smooth.

The camera in selfie mode also brightens up the skin and that looks way worse than what's shown in the viewfinder. I hope you guys do a good job in the next update. Just feel sad that the first flagship I bought behaves like a mere mid range phone. :(


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