Unable to connect to Google services such as servers or anything related to google services

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Just bought ROG 2 a few days ago and tried to log in with my google account in the google play store using mobile data. But for some reason everytime I tried logging in using mobile data i kept on failing with error message such as "failed to connect to google servers". Then i tried to log in with wifi, miracally it works just fine, this same goes to other google related apps. Just with wifi solves everything, but with mobile data then thats where the problems starts. Even google maps can't connect when using mobile data which i had to install waze which works totally fine with mobile data. Another example is youtube app with my logged in google account can't seemed to work or connect when using mobile data, but when i logged out my google account from the youtube app, then it works just fine. Everything related to google services has a problem connecting the internet with mobile data. I hope you can fix this as soon as possible. Thank you.


  • My guess is that you have a tencent phone. These phones are not meant to work with Google as they are only supposed to be sold in China and therefore are not supported by ASUS.

  • sorry to just continue this thread. Can you be more informative about tencent phone. Since i have got same problem. Same brand different model it just about a week ago, my phone suddenly does not want to cooperate. Same symptoms like what describe above. Long story short is there any solution that we can do ?

    Would be great if anyone got solution and really appreciated for the sharing knowledge.


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