Device reboots during charging

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My Zenfone 6 reboots during charging. Usually happens after like 3-4 hours. The phone is not overheated or anything. Am I the only one with this problem? Never happens when it's unplugged from charger. Shall I just ship it for service?

Last night I tried another outlet in the house and it didn't reboot, had it plugged in for 2-3 hours. Such a wierd problem.


  • Do you have mobile power to test?

    Maybe the problem is that your socket is unstable. If the restart does not occur in other sockets or mobile power, then it should not be a problem with the phone.

  • After the 3-4 hour timespan you mention, your phone is charging very slowly, or not charging at all. The small current makes the powerbank shut off typically, but if your powerbank is misdesigned it may reenable the charging, causing the phone to start and stop charging.

  • So I tried switching sockets and it worked fine 2 nights in a row. I then tried the old socket but with an extension and same problem so I switched back to the other socket that worked last night and it still restarted. Gonna try a third one tonight. So wierd

  • I am assuming you are using the original charger and original cable? As to rule out any issues with 3rd party accessories.

    Let us know if this issue keeps happening.

    It can be device protection kicking in causing a restart but hard to say without a system log.

  • @CH_ASUS Yes it is happening with original charger, tried different outlets and even did a factory reset on the phone. Now its gone from restarts to shutting down and really hard to boot up again. Have to hold power and volume and try serveral times.

    Started a benchmark app and did a stress test, phone rebooted after 20% progress on the test.

  • Since it was a reboot issue , i think it was a motherboard issue , i observed in some of asus 6z devices including mine when phone is stressed heavily or heated heavily at that time worked fine but during cooling process i.e after 10 - 15 minutes devices restarts automatically,

    May be motherboard problem

    As you mentioned that mobile is not restarting in another soket , did you observed charging time ? If it was fast then it is not motherboard problem, if it was slow then definitely seems to be motherboard problem,rush to nearest service centre

  • It seems there could be a hardware issue at heart. As such would advise you to seek your local Asus service for a warranty repair (if indeed it is a hardware issue).

  • @CH_ASUS Yeah makes sense, sent it in today. Hopefully they fix it quick or send a replacement. Thanks for replies!

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