[Mobile desktop dock] - Possible to download/ share keymapping profiles

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Hi guys,

I am struggling to use the keymapping function for the desktop dock, in short, my current keymap sucks. Is it possible to download keymapping profiles (there is a + option in crate to add profiles but I am unable to make it work). Or at least share your settings for keymap/ sensitivity etc.



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    You need to find someone that want to share their settings with you. They need to share their file. It's not like we have a server where people can upload and download. Humm, maybe we should ?

    Anyways, it's on my todo list to start a thread that encourages users to share their keymapping or overclocking settings but I haven't gotten around to do it.

  • Still there is no thread on keymapping profiles. Bumping this one up!

  • Yeah. Nvidia SHIELD Tablet had a profile down loader. Was quite nice if you didn't want to try and set up your own layouts.

  • Asus really needs to up there game on building a community and providing support for their accessories. How can they expect people to keep spending on $200+ accessories without any support. This expensive toy is lying unused and had zero resale value. I would deter anyone from buying these accessories unless Asus fixes their game.

  • Still no response on this makes me even more nervous of investing in Asus products in the future.

  • They don't respond during weekends normally. From what I've noticed.

  • Your posts made me feel bad enough to finally take the time and create a thread where you can share your Scenario Profile settings with each other.

    All respect goes to the first user dares to share their favorite game settings.

    Maybe you have overclocked your phone to guarantee 60, 90 or 120 fps in a demanding game. Or maybe you have found how to lower the performance without any frame drops in a game with max 30 or 60 fps in order to save battery life and with lower temperatures as a nice side effect.

    Some of you just want a Key Mapping preset so help each other out. Go to the thread below and show that sharing is caring :)

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