Fast charging not working

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From yesterday i think my fast charging is not working how can I confirm that?


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    Drain your battery to 0

    And charge for 2hours 30 minutes if it goes 100 then it is working otherwise not working

  • My phone doesn't fast charge at times, then I realized the issue is with the cable even though my Asus factory cable doesn't look damaged. Try a different cable and see.

  • Sometimes the internals of cable breaks and it doesn’t look damaged outside. Check if data transfer works, if data transfer works then the cable is fine.

  • I had the same problem...after reading the comments I tried connecting some other cable on the charger it started fast charging...Thanks for help

  • Problem is this issue occurs ocationally to convince them to change the cable

  • I had a faulty ASUS cable that does not charge or transmit data when bent. I physically chopped away where the defect should lie and soldered a new USB connector. Sometimes the internals just break for no reason, don't ask me why.

  • Did you confirm/conclude that fast charging works with another cable?

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