Microphone volume too low on calls

MvarunMvarun Level 2
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

On normal and duo calls the other person always seems to have trouble hearing me and i have to speak a little louder than normal, mostly on just normal voice calls. Is there any way to boost the microphone volume so that the other person can hear me better without me having to speak louder than normal?


  • You can't adjust your microphone level. It's automatic.

    I haven't heard anyone else mentioning about this. You could test all the reset options in settings -> system one by one to see if it solves your issue. Maybe it will be solved next time you upgrade your FW. I recommend you to download it as soon as it's available on our homepage instead of doing a normal FOTA. In same rare cases, it can solve weird issues that others don't have.

  • Hmm okay, will try to update and see if that fixes it, thanks.

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