Trebel broken on Asus 6z

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@andersallinge @CH_ASUS @LP_ASUS why is trebel broken on asus 6z. What is going on with this device can you explain.


  • Treble not in intended use case (bootloader unlock required) so ASUS reserve the right to ignore you, but if they get treble working its a win win since we get updates faster and the team spends less time porting newer Android's and can spend more time on, may I go off topic here, FIXING THE PINK TINT IN STOCK CAMERA AND FIX BROKEN HDR++ ALSO FIXING GCAM. ask gently for treble and you may get what you want, idk.

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    Treble conformity is part of CTS approval that is google mandated for official releases.

    To that end, Asus phones all pass CTS.

    Whether or not this aligns with any other notion of Treble "broken or not", I really cannot comment.

    A/B partitioning is also working as can be witnessed during FOTA updates where it will update in the background and just require a simple restart afterwards.

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