Strange Behavior Zenfone 6 6/128 Gb

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I recently got my Asus Zenfone 6, so they first thing I did was to search for an update (as usual), so the update for Android 9 with security patch from September 1st 2019 began and everything was "Normal" after that update. But I got a few random reboots specially after running new installed apps. Last night I was looking Google News and then the phone turned off, so I waited a couple of minutes because I thought it was another random reboot but it didn't happened. I could not turn it on, I plugged in the charger and nothing happened. Suddenly I was able to turn it on by pressing many times the power button.

I don't want to use my warranty because all the shipping process it's a headache...

My questions are:

Has anyone else had these problems or something like that?

Do you guys think it's an update problem?


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