keep losing my mobile network connection at random

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Hi, since I got this phone I've been dealing with this issue that at times that appear to be random, I lose connection to the mobile network. I've installed all the updates as they came out and problem is still not solved.

Every time it happens I have to go to SIM settings and turn it off and on for it to come back. Any suggestion?

this is very problematic because I might have lost connection and not know about it so sometimes people can't reach me for a long time until I notice and fix the disconnection.

Have the international version and I bought it and am using it in Norway.




  • Have you tried an alternate SIM card from your carrier? Is it possible to test in the store? Does your carrier have any APNs that need to be activated?

  • How often does the phone lose connection?

  • haven't tried other SIM's because the same SIM worked perfectly fine in my old cheap phone and it should work in the ROG too. Also this is not easy to test in the store because you need to wait for it to happen. It happens from 0 to a few times a day.

    No APNs to activate. You put the SIM in and it works. It just stops working randomly. Would events like this be logged anywhere that I could check? anything under developer settings? or any apps that I can install and check what happens when the connection is lost?

  • It's easy to say that, but the answer is apparently not so cut and dry. Other users with really similar issues have gone to their carrier and gotten a replacement SIM and all the issues have disappeared.

    For example, I'm on AT&T and using an old SIM with no issues. Another user on AT&T would periodically drop connection and never receive SMS messages. After changing SIMs all the issues went away. Checking in store with your carrier for the connection on an alternate SIM could be worth exploring.

    I don't know of a log that you could access, it's possible that it exists but I'll be the first to admit I am not an Android expert. We could also log your phone and send it to R&D to try and get an idea of what's going on with your modem.

  • If you'd like us to log your phone, let me know and I can PM you the tool.

  • if I never got SMS or connection I'd agree with you, def worth trying to get a new SIM. But I can't see if the SIM has any issues how it would start working right away after a SIM re-enabling in settings.

    I'd prefer to start with logging and see what we find. So please send me the tool and instructions.

    Thanks you :)

  • I sent you a PM.

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