Enabling one handed mode on my Asus 6z made my phone unusable!?

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There is a serious bug in one handed mode in Asus 6z (Android 10). Yesrerday I enbled it for the first time after updating the phone to Android 10. The one handed mode was activated. The whole interface became unusable. The phone was not responding to my touches. The screen brightness was dimmed. Anything on the screen was barely visible. Only physical buttons were working. I tried so hard to restart the phone using volume + power keys. After the phone restarted, it landed in the same one handed mode with unusable interface. Later I had to boot the phone into recovery mode and reset it. I lost all my media on the phone memory.

I've used the one handed mode while on Android 9. I was fine. Android 10 ruined it for me. I had the interface screenshot. But resetting the phone erased everything. Is it only me or anyone else faced the issue? But be advised, if you are about to test it out for yourself, you might have to back up your things.

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