Availability of Kunai on the store in France ?

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I bought an Asus Rog Phone 2 12/512, I would like to take advantage of the strength of this phone to know the accessories, but the Asus Fr store, the Kunai is out of stock and at all resellers.

Do you have any idea about the next availabilities?



  • We don't have it in the states either. Not even a product page to sign up for a notification.

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    It would be nice if ASUS indicates the dates of availabilityes next for all the equipments. Especially with the ROG Phone 2 Strix, more people will want it!

    Do you have information? @LP_ASUS ?

    Thank you

  • Last information at least about UK was end of November. My assumption is that if nothing has changed we should see it soon.

  • Ah great, thanks for the information, I hope too :)

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