Single tap to turn on screen request



  • We listen to all your feedback. No matter if it is big or small. Yes sometimes we miss some of them but generally we catch most.

    Now, the tricky part, I can tell you all right now that it is not possible for us to add every single request. I think for obvious reasons.

    Secondly, ZenUI is different things to different users;

    Some want scaled back, some want very feature rich.

    Some want Stock look & concept , some want heavy theming.

    The easiest answer , as also many suggest, is to "just give choice. Give everything and let us choose".

    Yes, that would be great - but it also loses direction - and takes a neverending amount of time to implement.

    We understand ZenUI is not everything for everyone - and I am not sure we will ever reach such a point. With ZenUI 6 we took a great step towards cleaning it up - removing features very few users were using, aligning a lot of the logic with Google Android, the look & feel and so on.

    A big portion of users appreciate this. And we also have a those who miss some parts of ZenUI 5 - like heavy theming/skinning abilities.

    Additionally, many of you have suggested a lot of features, honestly - some good and some very niche (but I dont discount that it makes sense for any specific person).

    A single tap to take the screen, while requested here, is not something we will recommend our devs to focus on. There are several reasons;

    1. It would have very low usage (yes this is a qualified guess, as we cannot 100% know).
    2. This function can easily be triggered un-intendedly. Especially with Glove Touch enabled for those cold countries. (Easy to trigger the screen in the pocket and what not).
    3. The functionality exists with the power-key already. Yes it's not the same, but it's not that far different either.
    4. Every feature takes time, long or small, not just in implementation but especially also in the testing - to make sure no side-effects are happening. You can see from the pleny of fringe bugs - Android itself is far from perfect and debugging takes time.

    Some features we will push more for, some we will push less for - and it is also in-line with what "Asus wants ZenUI" to be - and really being more mindful of how many features we add in.


  • I understand, thanks for your time.

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