Stock camera over gcam on Android 10

nicolasliquenicolaslique Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

With gcam mod based on 7.009 the results are most good,it's the Only version of Google cam will work good, i don't test all settings but this litte sample talk by themselfe, the 2 first pictures by Stock camera,first night mode, and the 2 following that same,first night mode gcam.

I don't Say the stock or gcam photos are very good(for me it's "good"),but the 7.009 version of mod gcam it's the only version works on android 10,i Hope Asus will work on this good phone and give future good update to put to the best (the dream Come true....) At all sections(DS4 controller,caméra with api Android 10...etc....),at this moment,with Lawchair v2, app for automatic thème dark/light and this gcam mod version, it's the only way to max like pixel or Google stock and smooth expérience on this version.

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