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Asus improve the vibrations in the next update because they are very weak, thank you


  • The vibration motor is rated for a set voltage. Increasing the vibration beyond what is available now means increasing voltage beyond rated value, which is about as nonsense and dangerous as increasing your heart rate to above 180.

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    I do not agree to the end, previous asusy that I had had a powerful vibration motor and nothing happened. To date, I have Asus 2 and I have it for the fifth year. You can increase the power of vibrations a little, especially since programs from the Play store that support vibrations show that you can have strong vibrations and Asus 6 also has them, all you have to do is set the vibration strength, anyone can set it as you like, Asus Anders right? ?

  • That means my heart is overclocked while I'm running as I can reach 200 without problem :D

    There's also problem with camera module. If vibrations were stronger, it would rattle.

  • I get what you mean. Short pulses of vibration may not have the same intensity as the vibration motor takes time to speed up. It may be possible to spike the voltage when the vibration first begin to get the motor up and running asap, but by that time we are talking about putting advanced tech into a pathetic motor, and it might be better for ASUS to install some linear vibrators like taptic engine. Sure, spiking the voltage can be a hotfix, but not a particularly good one.

  • And also, regarding camera rattle, it might be possible to retract the camera motor constantly when vibration occur, but that will harm durability.

  • The actual reason is, the vibration motor is loose and that's why you here the vibration but not feel it. Most probably every device has a loose vibration motor here.

    When you place your mobile on table your phone doesnt move when it vibrates, cuz it's only hitting your inner parts of the phone. I have already asked whether i could give for service and the mod said yes, but I'm worried about my phone's body.

  • Oh you mean the vibration motor is physically rattling inside the phone? If that's the case then it really needs repair and the manufacturing process needs improvement.

  • I agree, this can be improved by updating

  • I assume that all of you have set your vibration intensity to maximum. Still, some of you, may think it could just use a little more oomph. I don't know if it's software or a hardware limitation but I'll check with our devs if there's any way we can improve.

  • yes maximum,so set maximum

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