What does "GSM Only International Version" mean?

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Hi people. I'm looking at this Amazon post:

Of an Asus Rog Phone 2 that says "GSM Only International Version". What does that mean? Does it mean it won´t work with 4G/LTE connections? I'm asking because theres another version of the phone that is the "LTE Unlocked" one.

Thanks for your response.


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    This doesn't look good. No warranty as well. I would not buy it.

  • I've read it's the Taiwan version, maybe thats why it doesn´t have warranty.

  • I would advise against buying any unit not in warranty. Where are you located gonzaaa.92?

  • Argentina... I've already bought it trough Grabr, thats the proble. I didn't know there were like 5 thousands versions of this phone (theres a Tencent one too),

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    Can you ask for a refund and send it back?

  • Try and locate one from a retailer in your country. I'm not fluent in Spanish, otherwise I would help research for you. But if you buy it out of your country, you will not have a warranty, and the risk of getting a phone zoned for a different region is higher (Tencent version).

  • And as OPC said, see if you can get a refund or return the unit as soon as you receive it.

  • What I'll probably do is wait until I have the product in my hands, test it and if it's what I asked for and everything work correctly, I'm not returning it. In any other scenario I'll.

  • Unless the seller that posted the phone on Amazon is a hustler, it shouldn't be the Tencent version since that only comes with 8GBs of RAM + 128GBs of disk storage while the one I bought comes with 12GBs of RAM + 512GBs of disk storage.

  • The key thing to look for is the Tencent logo on the back. If it doesn't have that, you have the Worldwide version of the device. You would still be out of warranty for repairs, but we could help you with software issues. Having a worldwide phone would be a much more positive scenario than the Tencent edition.

  • As I said I highly doubt it's the Tencent Edition making the seller a fraud since he has a great reputation. But if it all goes wrong I'll let you guys know. I just wanted to know which is the difference between the GSM Only International Version and the LTE Unlocked one.

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    Best of luck! To my awareness, every Rog 2 supports LTE, except for VoLTE functionality in some countries. There is no such thing as GSM only. Maybe it's just the awkward selection of words saying VoLTE will not function.

    Go to Kimovil website and look for Rog Phone 2. There in technical specification you will find if the phone supports LTE bands used by carriers in your country. I saw that, unlike Tencent version, the international version support ALL LTE bands used in my country and EU countries I travel to. I still don't have VoLTE though. I have tried 2 out of 3 carriers. Apart from that, unlike many complaining here, I have an amazing phone without bugs that functions as it was supposed to. I actually tried to replicate some bugs described here, like DTS switching off, and I couldn't. I hope you will have the same experience!

  • Thanks for your wishes! I've checked that out and the phone should run under 4G/LTE connections with my Carrier. Thanks once again for your care.

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    Welcome! I like to help if I can.

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