6z camera is worse than 5z after updates(w/ proof)



  • @Anders_ASUS

    Please take a look , I've compared to a phone with half the price and its not a pixel :P , its ur last year's flagship

  • Night mode is kidding af, and images in day light also blurry, with loss in zoom, looks like shot from old 8mp phones

  • A brand as ignorant as asus. People told me not to buy their phone but i ignored and now see their Dev's don't even bother to reply . @Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS is google not working at your office or have you run out of excuses.

  • Zenfone6 stock cam quality have been degraded overtime since I had moved to Android10. Most of the pics that I've taken seems to be over exposed and smoothened too much that it looks like a 5MP shot when cropped. The saturation have also gone beyond necessary and exposure is out of balance. Night sight is now a joke.

    It would be nice if you can switch back the camera performance to however it was once before in Android9. I was happy back then and now the camera lets me down in every scenario and I keep deleting photos.

    @Anders_ASUS I know you are not Google; don't try to be, atleast be Asus than being sh*thole :) peace

  • Ya they've literally created mess in camera software

    Main thing is the device's unique featured camera is now worthless

  • Guys, relax a bit. It's not mods fault and I'm pretty sure they've seen this thread already. It's better if they're discussing it internally than waste time on replying to this thread over and over again.

  • They just need to reply and say that they are actively trying to fix this, nothing more. I don't want a explanation, just Asus saying that they did something wrong on camera and are working on it. Also, Asus don't need to give an ETA, since software can take time.

    The phone did a great number of things right, but we have a new issue that was not previously there.

  • bruh.. this is ridiculous my cat doesnt even have fur now.. just looks like a smooth ink blob.... trees.. bushes the sky NOTHING has definition or color anymore this is crazy an needs to get fixed.... everyone here knows i dont use gcam.. screw gcam I WANT MY STOCK CAMERA BACK!!! thanks for clearing up the purple haze that was crazy but now.... its worse... i feel like im taking pics with my OLD zte axon pro again..... its ugly an horrid an i make $$ from my pics... an now i cant

    before A10 update all pretty an detailed an colorful in nightmode

    an this is after the A10 update.... in nightmode no color everything is bland... no detail an fuzzy as hell

    the bottom pic... you cant even see the tree on the right... everything on both sides is dark... MEGA dark the concrete pillars are mush no highlights no nothing anywhere these are all on a tripod at that!!!

    more nightmodes this is before A10 update using tripod good color range is decent highlights everything looks good

    after A10 update shoddy bland an fuzzed at best no color concrete is oily an a good part of the pic is hazy/ fuzzy

    before A10 tripod

    washed out oily the tree on the left looks fake its much brighter than it should be even the building has issues as well as the tank in the backround an the water an grass..... jesus the water an grass......

    an pro mode..... pro mode is worse as well

    before A10 update

    after A10 update no where near same brightness look or feel everything is dulled an lacking

    before A10 update

    after A10... alot wrong here

    i just want my stock camera back... even daylight pics are god awful now

    like they are tinted all around an glazy

    i dont even know what this is an why its doin it? off color like crazy

    can i please get my camera back and or improved?

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    @Anders_ASUS *edited for ToS* cant you understand that Zenfone 6 became worst after the update

    Many people are ready to throw your 6z in to shit

    Your future phones won't even have a single consumer if you neglect our issue

  • Mind your language.

  • Insulting the most popular mod won't give you anything, especially credibility or respect. He's working for ASUS but he's not a developer. This community really starts to get more and more salty towards everyone.

  • That's right...atleast let them give a reply first

    Insulting is not gonna do anything

  • But a satisfactory reply is expected frommods too

  • (No foul language, using weak words to deliver strong ideas is the pinnacle of debate)

    I shall remind all mods that the consequences of not improving the camera are NOT the following:

    A. get people to buy new phones

    And instead, ARE the following:

    A. Increased amount of bootloader unlock

    B. Increased number of people who stay at 189/ downgrade to 189

    C. Decreased number of ASUS fans

    D. Outrage of enthusiasts

    (If you have points to add feel free to add below)

    If I have pointed out the effects of not fixing the camera, or to me more exact, not restoring the camera to back when everything was good, then ASUS and your mods can do whatever you want. I shall now lay back and grab some pistachios as if ASUS still is so stubborn and refuses to do anything, sooner or later, I and my non-ASUS phone will witness the demise of this community, or even worse, the demise of the company.

  • Well to be honest..! 5z and 6z do have a different hardware altogether but if we see 5z is has an old hardware and 6z comes with a new hardware..ita shocking that the images what has been posted here are so different. @anderlai57@Anders_ASUS i will appreciate if you can check with the team ans get back to us with a solution. I bought 6z thinking it has better camera quality and the best highlights is the flip camera and to compare with one plus phone..same hardware but their image quality is way better. I seriously appreciate that @hrishikeshsunder39 took time and compared this photos but you guys can definitely see the difference right? The camera quality needs definitely an improvement. What is the use of the flip camera when the camera is not good? Plz look into this and do think we are customers who have bought this phone and if so many ppl are saying then definitely you guys need to work and do it.

  • Asus team response to problems with Android 10 right now

  • But you guys are the only one to complain about the phone camera. Me, I'm fully fine with this camera, it does what I except they do.

    Maybe you've seen better results on other phones, but ZF6 is an over answer to photography experience. Let it have some differences ...

  • my z6 photos are fine, day and night. I have no problems showing you

  • So all the other 37 comments were made by blind users? U have no idea how cam has become when compared to older pie versions , its people like you who make all our efforts at conveying issues to asus worthless... If u r fine why comment? Why make other's comments go waste?

    You think every other user here suddenly out of no where started complaining about camera for no damn reason? Do you not have enough data to download those attatched samples? Or are u someone else in disguise? Bruh please

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